Mika Tajima – New Humans II (2022)

New Humans II was a piece showcased during Mika Tajima's solo exhibition entitled "Spectral" at Taro Nasu gallery in Tokyo. From Taro Nasu (text by Howie Chen): Mika Tajima’s exhibition titled Spectral features sculptures and paintings that visualize transitional, contingent states of being to evoke a world in which entities and organisms body forth into the realm [...]

Snarkitecture – Sway

Commissioned for the gallery at Intersect by Lexus, designed and produced by Snarkitecture, Sway is a participatory installation made from 150 white spheres mounted to gently swaying poles that are arranged in two precise fields. Surrounded by mirrors, the ground and ceiling planes are reflected to form an infinite parabolic enclosure. In direct response to [...]

Instragram – Light Forest

Brooklyn Research collaborated with Hush in the Light Forest installation at the Instagram lobby in San Francisco. The space engages guests in both exploration and content creation. We celebrate content on Instagram’s platform as three-dimensional audio-visual experiences that also become a photogenic environment – an infinite loop.  Brooklyn Research worked on the interaction portion of [...]

Samsung – 360 Sphere

Made for our client Relevent and with fabrication by Bednark Studio, the Samsung 360 Sphere experience is an installation at Samsung's flagship 837 experience center. Brooklyn Research synchronized an array of Samsung phones to display 360 images or videos. The phones act as a viewport to a part of the 360 content and users can rotate the installation to see [...]

Meridian (Gold) – Mika Tajima

Brooklyn Research designed and programmed the lights for Mika Tajima's temporary outdoor sculpture for Sculpture Center. The color of the lights change throughout the day to reflect the rate of change of gold valuation via a real time data feed. The lights are set against the backdrop of Midtown Manhattan and are accompanied by a [...]

Soundboard – Google

A physical soundboard that plays sounds at the push of a button. This soundboard is networked to a webpage where users can upload and select the sound files they want assigned to each button so users can have the perfect custom sound effect for any occasion. Google Creative Lab requested this as indispensable addition to [...]

Why Don’t I . . . Pretend To Be Your Dad – Glen Fogel

Artist Glen Fogel wanted to create an installation synchronizing lights, sounds, and video together as part of an immersive personal experience. Brooklyn Research aided this by creating the control system and custom video, light, and sound synchronization system as well as design and fabrication of the custom lighting elements.

Social Data Kinetic Sculpture – Intel / Milk Studios

As a part of a collaboration between Milk and Intel,  "Adorned", a MUZSE exhibit that dissected our cultural history of wearable technology from the past, surrounding us in the present, and taking a look at where we’re headed in the future. For a central element of the exhibit Brooklyn Research designed and built a 20 [...]

Design Disrupted 2014 – Lexus / Fashion Week

Lexus kicked off the 2014 New York Fashion Week with their annual Design Disrupted event. This year they highlighted British designer Gareth Pugh via an immersive fashion presentation. Brooklyn Research was brought in to help create the interactive portion of the performance. We created a mechanism that enabled users to control larger than life videos [...]

Verizon Power House – Verizon

Verizon transformed Bryant Park during SuperBowl XLVIII into an interactive NFL media event. At the “Power House” people were invited to charge their phones, play with avatars of their favorite football player, and get a sneak peak at Verizon’s new technologies. Brooklyn Research created and managed a biometric user registration system allowing users to create [...]