Meridian (Gold) – Mika Tajima

Brooklyn Research designed and programmed the lights for Mika Tajima's temporary outdoor sculpture for Sculpture Center. The color of the lights change throughout the day to reflect the rate of change of gold valuation via a real time data feed. The lights are set against the backdrop of Midtown Manhattan and are accompanied by a [...]

Sound Tree – Floating Hospital for Children Brooklyn Research collaborated with Urban Matter in developing an interactive sound and light tree for the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. The Sound Tree has nine branches/fins installed that are lined with diffused LED lighting and animated through an color sequence when not activated. Once a user enters the [...]

Tangibles – The Tech Museum of Innovation

In conjunction with Local Projects, Brooklyn Research worked on an exhibit for the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. For this project, Brooklyn Research engineered and fabricated the physical and electronic component of the Creature Creation station that is a part of the Tech Museum's BioDesign studio exhibit. At this station, new creatures can [...]

Soundboard – Google

A physical soundboard that plays sounds at the push of a button. This soundboard is networked to a webpage where users can upload and select the sound files they want assigned to each button so users can have the perfect custom sound effect for any occasion. Google Creative Lab requested this as indispensable addition to [...]

Why Don’t I . . . Pretend To Be Your Dad – Glen Fogel

Artist Glen Fogel wanted to create an installation synchronizing lights, sounds, and video together as part of an immersive personal experience. Brooklyn Research aided this by creating the control system and custom video, light, and sound synchronization system as well as design and fabrication of the custom lighting elements.

Vuvuzela TV Remote – beIN SPORTS

A modified vuvuzela that knows when the vuvuzela is being played and then emits an infrared signal spoofing a television remote control changing the channel to one. Brooklyn Research designed, fabricated, and programmed a small scale run of hundreds of these modified vuvuzelas based on a concept and design by TBWA\Chiat\Day for the beIN sports channel.

Light Cube Synthesizer – London O’Connor

A collaboration between Brooklyn Research and musician London O'Connor. The Light Cube Instrument is a programmable cube designed, engineered, fabricated, and programmed by Brooklyn Research in order to make a physically responsive on stage instrument for London. Each panel of the cube has sensors embedded so that impact on any side of the cube can [...]

LED Locker Wall – US Open

A LED locker wall system for the US Open allowing people to check in their portable devices to charge in a lockers. Each locker was a pixel for an 8-bit like display with various visual modes. These panels were designed, fabricated and programmed by Brooklyn Research for the Chase US Open 2016 kiosk done by [...]

Social Data Kinetic Sculpture – Intel / Milk Studios

As a part of a collaboration between Milk and Intel,  "Adorned", a MUZSE exhibit that dissected our cultural history of wearable technology from the past, surrounding us in the present, and taking a look at where we’re headed in the future. For a central element of the exhibit Brooklyn Research designed and built a 20 [...]