Verizon transformed Bryant Park during SuperBowl XLVIII into an interactive NFL media event. At the “Power House” people were invited to charge their phones, play with avatars of their favorite football player, and get a sneak peak at Verizon’s new technologies.

Brooklyn Research created and managed a biometric user registration system allowing users to create a unique user ID tied to their thumb print for Audio, Video & Control‘s installation.

Finger scanners were used throughout the exhibition, allowing users to easily move throughout the event spaces. The custom user ID database and network that Brooklyn Research set up linked a user’s team preferences, date of birth, and an ID photo for use in personalized interactions throughout the event. Visitors to the event could drop off their mobile devices for charging with the simple scan of their thumb. The sign-in stations also served as valuable collection points for user information. The system successfully managed over 20,000 users over the course of a week.


Audio, Video & Controls, Wasserman Media Group, Batwin + Robin Productions