Narcissus is a piece created by Mika Tajima at the grounds of the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine in 2022.

From the Website:

The three-dimensional permanent installation “Echo” on the shrine grounds is a meditation sculpture that employs an energy cycle in which solar energy and black-light, named “Narcissus (Dazaifu)” are absorbed to charge phosphorescent pigments that then envelop the sculpture in glowing light. 

This program provides an opportunity to encounter a number of works created by Mika Tajima to visualize the energies of nature and the human spirit, as the fruits of her exploration, conversations, and lengthy contemplation on the shrine grounds.

Brooklyn Research worked with Mika Tajima in developing the electrical design for the black lights, and working with the mechanical engineer, Matias Wagner, on assembly and onsite installation.